The truth is, you are capable of far more than you ever dreamed or realized is possible. And so is your organization.

But how do you tap that talent, energy and commitment and focus it toward creating something worth working for? And how can you foster an organizational culture that engages the hearts and minds of its people in a way that regularly produces extraordinary results for customers, employees and shareholders?

pinocchio_cvrDiane Bolden is committed to working with people who passionately seek the answers to these questions. Her clients are high achieving leaders dedicated to self-improvement and committed to taking the steps necessary to dramatically impact the contribution they make to their organizations. They recognize that the best way to improve the performance of others is to start with themselves.

Diane has created a number of resources to help people tap into and develop their inner genius and truly lead, including her book The Pinocchio Principle ~ Becoming the Leader You Were Born to Be, a small group coaching series called Adventures in Authentic Leadership, and a number of other workshops, products and consulting and coaching services that can help you individually or your organization collectively. She has also written a number of articles and blog posts that you can access on her Solutions page or via her Synchronistically Speaking Blog.

Diane has helped me to: adopt different communication styles when called for; avoid avoidance; manifest what I could see or envision; deal with tough personnel issues while at the same time being honest and compassionate; forge relationships where formerly there was historical baggage and confrontation; delegate; develop the people around me; connect learnings to both work and non-work and see them both benefit; have the courage to be honest; the strength to do away with a lot of fear; stretch my styles and body of knowledge; be a more credible and called for voice at the corporate table; and be rewarded and compensated fairly for what I do. To reiterate, the progress that Diane helped me cultivate manifests itself at work, at home and in my life.

- Paul Reynolds, Director of Communications, Fortune 500 Company, Phoenix, AZ

Ever been to a workshop or read a book only to return to your office and get sucked into the very habits and patterns that led you to seek training in the first place?

Sometimes in order to learn something new, you have to unlearn things that used to work and have now become ineffective (or downright detrimental). The problem is that most people are unaware of the behaviors and thoughts that are keeping them from getting the results they want. And trying to change something you don’t realize is unproductive is like trying to play darts in a dark closet.

Over the years, I have been through many management training programs, leadership seminars, behavioral effectiveness training, and motivational programs. While this training was helpful, none of these classes ever truly impacted me to the point where I changed my behavior. While working with Diane, I have changed my management style, my communication delivery, and my behavior. The past several months have been eye-opening for me and I have a renewed passion for improving myself not just to become a better manager but also to simply become a better person.”

- Brian Moore, Information Services Director, Fortune 500 Company, Phoenix, AZ

What many of us tend to do is ratchet things up a notch and simply work harder. We fool ourselves into thinking we must be more disciplined and more committed.

And when we don’t get the results we want, we become discouraged, disheartened, and downright frustrated. (So do the people we are leading, who tend to emulate the approaches we take.)

“Diane’s approach has been to uncover the underlying feelings and beliefs that are the root of my reactions and emotions. She helps me to alleviate stress and better focus on what my intentions and goals are and how to best achieve them. She has shown me that when I am where I need to be the work is effortless and joyful. With Diane’s help, I have increased productivity (my own as well as my team’s), decreased turnover, and achieved greater team effectiveness. These results have come about as a result of the work she has helped me to do on myself. I am delighted with my experience with Diane. She has enlightened me and the work we do is a gift that has impacted all facets of my life. I would encourage anyone who would like to experience less stress and more success to enlist Diane as a partner in the process. Their work with her will exceed even their highest expectations.”

- Robin Hayes, Back Office Manager, Power Marketing & Trading, Fortune 500 Company, Phoenix, AZ

Diane Bolden can help you see how your behavior and thought is impacting your results so you can proactively leverage your strengths and sidestep pitfalls you may be unwittingly creating (for yourself and others). As a result, you’ll see possibilities and solutions you were previously unaware of, capitalize on your strengths and opportunities, and take bigger, bolder action to realize the results you have been striving for. And in so doing, you’ll inspire and empower others to do the same.

Ever wonder what distinguishes great leaders from good ones?

Would you like to sidestep the most common pitfalls leaders tend to fall into?

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