Leadership Lit Up: 5 Distinctions That Separate the Best from the Rest (Part 2)

  Today’s article is the second in a series of five highlighting key attributes of Real Leadership: a practice that allows you to inspire exceptional (and sustainable) performance in yourself and others to achieve record profitability, customer loyalty and growing market share – even in saturated and highly commoditized markets. KEY POINT #2: Real Leadership

Leadership Lit Up: 5 Distinctions That Separate the Best from the Rest (Part 1)

  “Sometimes our light goes out but is blown into flame by another human being. Each of us owes deepest thanks to those who have rekindled this light.” – Albert Schweitzer  Leaders are people who shine a light on their surroundings and everyone around them. The light they shine comes from within them, a product of the

Are you a REAL Leader? What Pinocchio Can Teach You about Becoming One

  Often when I tell people that I wrote a leadership book called The Pinocchio Principle, they assume it must have something to do with ethics. It’s understandable, since the first thing most of us think of when we hear “Pinocchio” is a puppet whose nose grew when he lied. Pinocchio could easily be used as a metaphor for people who

Why Passion is Essential at Work & How to Reignite It

  I have always been amazed by the number of people who think of work as a necessary evil — simply what must be done to earn a paycheck. For so many who toil through their workday, the primary goal is to make it to the weekend so they can really live. Going through the

5 Ways for Executives to be Less Operational and More Strategic

  As we ponder what 2018 will bring, an adage comes to mind: the only thing that’s certain is change. You can plan and prepare all you want, but the best way to be agile in a shifting environment is to stay connected to the undercurrent of emerging events and patterns – and utilize ingenuity

Have You Leveraged the Gifts from 2017 That Will Make 2018 Extraordinary?

  Well, the dust is finally settling, and the holiday decorations are (almost) packed up and put away for next year. For many, the holidays are a frenzied time – a rush to the finish line that has adrenaline spiking for days on end. Between running around trying to find the perfect gifts to sending

Why Letting Go of the Old Helps You Succeed With the New (and How to Do It)

  What is it that you are longing to create in the coming year? And what do you need to let go of in order to allow it to fully take root? Every year, we are encouraged to set New Year’s resolutions. We are a goal driven society that is conditioned to seek more. Our egos desire

Ringing in the New Year: Why Looking Back is as Vital as Looking Ahead

  There is something magical about being at the threshold of a new year. It is like climbing to the top long staircase to find ourselves on a landing, standing before a large glimmering door just waiting to be opened. As we look down, we realize how far we have climbed to get here. Yet,

Why Believing Is Seeing – Regardless Of Proof

  One day when my kids were younger, they had a play date with some friends. I heard one of them telling the other that Santa Claus wasn’t real. My son, who was eight years old at the time, vehemently defended the jolly old man, with elaborate explanations of why something not easily proven was worth

How to Create Moments of Meaning (Even in the Midst of Mania)

  “You ready for the holidays?” It’s a question people often ask each other this time of year. I don’t know if I’m ever ready – from the standpoint of having all the boxes checked, anyway. I know there are people out there – you may be one of them – who finished their holiday shopping