3 Tips for Stepping Bravely into Your Next Opportunity

  Do you ever feel like you are on the verge of something you’re not sure you are ready for? Perhaps you’ve been given a chance to do something you’ve always wanted to do, or you recognize a need that you have the unique ability to meet – but it requires that you step out

3 Vital Steps for Personal and Professional Transformation

  Though the Halloween parties and trick or treaters have come and gone, as I wrote in my last post, you don’t need to leave the fun and intrigue of stepping into the version of yourself you most want to explore behind. Every day brings with it a fresh opportunity to transform in ways that

3 Fundamental Truths to Help You Become What You Most Admire

  When Halloween rolls around, it invites the question: if you could be anything for one evening, what would it be? The tradition invokes a feeling of fantasy. Whether your answer is a super hero or a villain or something in between, the very act of asking the question and imagining a response reminds us

How to Accomplish More by Thinking Less

How much of your time is spent thinking about what really needs to get done versus doing it? If you are like most people, the more anxiety or resistance you have to a given task, the more your thoughts will throw you for a loop. Sometimes those thought loops suck up a whole heap of

Why You Don’t Need to Have It All Figured Out

  You’re busy – scurrying from one thing to the next, tending to the most pressing needs of the day. The starting gun goes off in the morning and you are off and running. It might feel like a race that you just can’t win, despite the fact that you are moving faster than ever.

The Often Overlooked Danger of Being Too Results Oriented

  We hear the benefits of being results oriented all the time. It is important to have goals, to aim high, and to focus on outcomes. But as we have been told since we were kids, too much of a good thing can hurt you. There are three critical areas that suffer if you are

How to Transform Overwhelm and Frustration into Enthusiasm and Engagement

Imagine finding yourself face down on the concrete being pummeled by some kind of hard object every thirty seconds or so. You’re agitated and a little resentful – and you may feel like a bit of a victim. And then suppose you lift your head and notice that the concrete you are lying on is

Why What Used to Work May Now Be Working Against You (and what to do instead)

Imagine finding yourself in a dark room…It’s a room that was once lit, but has since dimmed. And you have been doing everything you can to turn that light back on.  You’ve even gone so far as to build a contraption that allows you to generate electricity through your own manual effort, sort of like

Creating an Inspired Workplace: 3 Examples to Light Your Way

  As an executive coach, I work with leaders in both large and small organizations – who are passionate about creating inspired workplaces. They aren’t sure how to do it. They aren’t sure people will respond favorably. They aren’t sure it will work at all. They want to break the unspoken, unwritten rules of organizations

The Masterpiece in the Marble: 3 Steps to Unearth Your Best Work

  We’ve all been to a lot of classes – whether on leadership or related subjects – where we sit passively and listen to someone teach us things from a workbook or a power point presentation. Some of these classes infuse us with new ideas and inspirations, and others do not. Either way, the chief