Adventures in Authentic Leadership

Small Group Coaching Program

Based on the book: Pinocchio Principle – Becoming the leader you were born to be

No matter what challenge or opportunity currently faces you, YOU have within you everything you need to rise up and turn it into a resounding victory.

Come tap your inner reserves of creativity, ingenuity, resilience and wisdom in an intimate group setting (enrollment will be capped at eight participants).

Each week we will cover a different chapter of The Pinocchio Principle – Becoming the Leader You Were Born to Be and apply the principles contained there to your specific aspirations, goals and challenges. Here’s what you can expect:

SESSION 1: Unearthing Your True Leadership – from Challenge to Opportunity

SESSION 2: Exploring Your Personality Poles – True Self vs. Ego

SESSION 3: Reconciling True Self and Ego

SESSION 4: Finding Your Vision and Learning as You Go

SESSION 5: Using Your Navigational Tools

SESSION 6: Seeing Your Strings – Assumptions, Habits, and Patterns

SESSION 7: Dismantling Your Strings – Changing Habits and Patterns

SESSION 8: Pleasure Island – Discerning Traps from Treasures

SESSION 9: The Belly of the Whale – Facing Your Fears

SESSION 10: The Fairy’s Wand – Living Your Dreams

SESSION 11: Cultivating Inner Strength

SESSION 12: Living and Leading Large

WHERE: Synchronistics Offices (48th Street & Indian School, Phoenix, AZ)WHEN: Dates and times are being determined. Contact Dianefor more information or to bring this workshop to your organization.COST: $995 – payment plans available (includes book)QUESTIONS: Contact Diane Bolden at (602) 889-2329

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This series can be customized for your organization!

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What Do You Have to Gain by Working in a Small Group Setting?

  • Issue resolution (yours!) – apply the content to real challenges and opportunities you currently face
  • Individualized attention – receive personalized coaching and feedback
  • Group synergy – connect with others who are working through similar issues and leverage their wisdom
  • Focus & accountability – each session will require that you take action in areas that matter most to you