Busting Out of the Box

Are you on the verge of some great undertaking?

Busting out of the box

Have you just undergone a major change in your life or your career? Are you getting ready for one? Do you want to lead yourself and others to light it up and blow the lid off what you’ve previously been able to do?

If so, you’ve likely encountered resistance. There is a box surrounding you that keeps you from reaching the level of success you and your organization are capable of achieving. We all have them. The walls of the box aren’t visible, but we know they’re there because every once in a while we smack up against them and come reeling to the ground frustrated and a little disoriented.

The tricky thing about these boxes is that for the most part, we have put them there ourselves. We try to bust through them using the same skills and approaches that unwittingly created them. Getting beyond them requires that we do something different. And as with so many things in life, the more support we have, the faster, stronger and more powerful we will be.

Are you ready to bust through your box?

If so, join leadership coach and author Diane Bolden and a small group of like minded people on an box busting adventure. Here’s what’s in store…

  • PERSONAL, ONE ON ONE COACHING SESSION: You’ll start with a forty-five minute one-on-one personal coaching session. Together we will shed some light on the new opportunities and challenges that are beckoning to you, and get clear on where you are now and what is currently helping and hindering you from bridging the gap.
  • INTERACTIVE SMALL GROUP WORKSHOP: You’ll participate in a live interactive and intensive five hour workshop along with up to seven other people to apply time tested concepts, approaches and tools to clarify your vision of what’s beckoning beyond the box, begin to poke holes in its walls, and build the strength you’ll need to bust through them altogether. Call (602) 889-2329 for date, time and Phoenix location.
  • FOUR ONGOING 90 MINUTE GROUP MASTERMIND SESSIONS: As you take the concepts you learned at the workshop back to work with you, you’ll undoubtedly encounter unforeseen obstacles. Each mastermind is designed to arm you with new approaches, concepts and tools that you can apply to these emerging challenges to achieve lasting success. Sessions will be spaced two weeks apart. Call (602) 889-2329 for dates, times and Phoenix location.
  • ADDITIONAL INDIVIDUALIZED, PERSONALIZED COACHING SESSIONS (optional):We’ll schedule six additional forty five minute one-on-one personalized coaching sessions two to three weeks apart over the course of the following five months that you can individualize to meet your unique needs.
  • BASIC PACKAGE: The cost for options one through three is $995 (discounted from $1500)
  • ADVANCED PACKAGE: The cost for options one through four is $2995 (discounted from $3695)

Who is this program for?

  • Business professionals in formal or informal leadership positions who are committed to personal and professional growth and itching to take themselves and others to new levels of unprecedented success
  • People who are open to receiving support from a leadership coach and fellow leaders who share common goals and aspirations

What will I gain by participating?

  • Breakthrough results – get inspired to take the action necessary to rise to a new level of success
  • Issue resolution (yours!) – address and leverage real challenges and opportunities you currently face
  • Individualized attention – receive personalized coaching and feedback
  • Group synergy – connect with others who are working through similar issues and leverage their wisdom
  • Focus, accountability and support – from your coach and fellow participants
  • All participants will receive a copy of Diane’s newly released book, The Pinocchio Principle: Becoming the Leader You Were Born to Be