Transformations in Leadership

Imagine That There Was a Faster, Better Way To Unearth Your Best Work.

Do you ever find yourself engaging in habits or patterns that keep you from getting the results you want — despite your best efforts to overcome them?

You’ve gone to classes to learn new methods, read books to gain skills, set goals and tried new approaches, but still know you can do much better…

Feel like there’s got to be more to being a leader than running from meeting to meeting, repeatedly fixing the same problems, and beating your head against a wall trying to get people and things to change?

We’ve all been to a lot of classes – whether on leadership or related subjects – where we sit passively and listen to someone teach us things from a workbook or a power point presentation. Some of these classes may have infused us with new ideas and inspirations, others may not have. Either way, the chief challenge is coming back to our daily work and implementing what we have learned. Class or no class, putting into practice the ideas and insights we get on a daily basis is a challenge. It is a challenge because it calls for us to integrate them into a way of doing things that we have established for ourselves over a long period of time.

In order to change, grow or improve in any way, we must consciously look at ourselves – at what is working and at what is not. Often we are so accustomed to running from project to project and meeting to meeting, that we aren’t even aware of the dynamics at play under the surface. This frenetic approach leads to a pattern of similar results, similar experiences, and inevitably similar frustrations, and often the feeling that there has to be more to it than this. There is.

The truth is, you already possess within you the most significant core essentials you need in order to be successful. The question is, are you using them? And are you using them to the best of your ability? If the answer is no, it doesn’t matter how many new tools you acquire or methodologies you learn. And so, our chief challenge is not to continue looking to others for solutions and answers, but instead to take the time to tap that part of ourselves that remains our purest potential.

The prerequisite for being an effective leader of others is to learn to lead ourselves.Leader, know thyself. If you are interested in reestablishing contact with and utilizing this infinite source of power in your leadership, consider allowing yourself to participate in a retreat… a getaway from the office with a small group of fellow leaders, who like yourself are ready to look for some real answers.

The Transformations in Leadership™ Workshop

By participating in this two day workshop, you will:

  • Learn to leverage your natural leadership strengths
  • Work through emerging challenges to discover the assumptions that are helping and hindering you
  • Recognize the pitfalls you may be unknowingly falling into and take steps to overcome them
  • Apply methods for bringing about lasting change
  • Clarify your vision for personal and professional success and learn tools for aligning yourself with it in the present

At this point, you may be wondering exactly what the workshop experience will entail. Here’s an example… Participants are asked to identify a real leadership challenge that is representative of the kinds of issues that seem to surface repeatedly in various forms. Bob’s issue centered around his frustration that though he planned and executed to perfection and had solid, clear directives, his people were not following through – often telling him one thing but doing another. During the workshop, Bob uncovered a seemingly irrational yet compelling assumption that to be a good leader, he needed others to believe that he always had the answers.

The workshop experience helped Bob realize that this assumption was leading him to become defensive in the face of others’ questions and concerns, which was resulting in his people operating out of compliance without commitment. Upon further examination, he decided that this principle was no longer true for him and discovered a new belief about his leadership that was far more aligned with his desired behavior and results: ”to be a good leader, I must believe that others around me have answers and that it’s OK for me to not know everything all the time.”

This shift in thinking allowed Bob to go back to his workplace more focused on listening than talking and willing to trust others instead of insisting that everyone trust him. As a result, he was better positioned to affect lasting change, by partnering with those he needed to rely on to make it happen, and integrating their knowledge and experience with his to collectively identify and overcome obstacles before they surfaced.

What This Workshop IS…

  • An intensive, participant-centered experience that allows individuals the opportunity to examine and address real leadership challenges in a small group setting with other like-minded leaders.
  • The beginning of a discovery process that allows you to unearth your true potential as a leader so that you can do the same for others.

What This Workshop is NOT…

  • A lecture/presentation to a large group of participants who sit passively watching a PowerPoint presentation and leave with a handout or binder of materials.
  • A one-size-fits-all approach to leadership development.


 “What a workshop! Great for the emerging leader as well as the established leader. It goes to the core of leadership to expose its true essence and origin. This is a very rare experience that no serious leader should miss.” Rick Wright President, Wright Consultancy, International Consulting Company, Laguna Beach, CA

 “The (Transformations in Leadership) workshop is nothing shy of excellent – an incredible opportunity to unravel yourself and resolve personal and professional issues that you might not even know you have, and a launching pad for the rest of your life.” Doug King President, Green King, LLC, Gilbert, AZ

“The Transformations in Leadership workshop gave me the clarity and leadership direction to focus on what I needed to work on. I was able to find solutions that I could implement immediately.” – Pam Slont Municipal Aesthetics Program Manager, Salt River Project, Tempe, AZ

“As the Chief Academic Officer for Scottsdale Healthcare I was not quite sure what to expect from Diane Bolden’s Transformations in Leadership program. What I discovered was that “transformation” can truly occur in only 2 days! Diane helped me overcome my own “cognitive blindness” (not knowing what I don’t know) by freeing me from the self imposed barriers I had so cleverly and unknowingly constructed for my self! I highly recommend this workshop as an absolutely “must do” for all leaders! You will become personally engaged in a transformational process focused on who you are as a leader–then who you can become!”Michael R. Foley, M.D., Chief Academic Officer, Scottsdale Healthcare, Scottsdale, AZ

“… a workshop that brought immediate value to my role as a leader and as an employee. I would encourage participation to those that are not reticent about achieving excellence.” Jessica Pacheco, VP of Government Affairs, Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, Phoenix, AZ

“This workshop challenged me to better understand how my fears and unexamined assumptions truly lessen my effectiveness. It also allowed me to take an outside look in to what really is hindering me from achieving my goals and provided me with some tools to overcome these challenges. The workshop experience gave me the opportunity to consider potential beyond day-to-day management and focus on true leadership.”Brian Moore, Information Services Director, Fortune 500 Company, Phoenix, AZ

“Wow! Excellent workshop- with real power to build greatness! Thanks to you Diane and my ‘incredible’ crew mates for an eye-opening and powerful adventure.”Bill Wiley, Real Estate/Facilities Management Leader, Fortune 500 Company, Phoenix, AZ

“This a great workshop for any leader interested in effectiveness and growth, but the best news is that it stays in the tool kit in real life and back at the office. It can get you comfortably to some uncomforting zones where the opportunity for some real learning can take root. I highly recommend.” Paul Reynolds, Director, Corporate Communications, Fortune 500 Company, Phoenix, AZ

“…different from any management or leadership class I have ever attended. This class does not have five steps to achieving leadership, but gets directly to the heart of things. … an amazing two days.” Robin Hayes, Back Office Manager, Power Marketing & Trading, Fortune 500 Company, Phoenix, AZ

“…truly a great vehicle to reestablish, and for some establish, that we all have the tools to be leaders we just have to acknowledge what is in us already. …useful not only for work but is useful in all aspects of our lives.”Art Othon, Director, Community Relations & Economic Development, Fortune 500 Company, Phoenix, AZ

“I have been through many workshops and have read many books which talk to ‘successful leadership’ and how to achieve it. Rarely, have I returned to the workplace effectively incorporating these shared elements of success. Diane’s unconventional approach in this workshop was a refreshing change to this which included practical tools to help ensure what we learned can be utilized with success.” Maria Buechler, Information Services Manager, Fortune 500 Company, Phoenix, AZ