Most organizations tap only a small fraction of their capability and potential while their most vital assets remain underutilized and dormant. The consulting services listed below are proven methods that help organizations access the latent talent, experience, wisdom and perspectives of their people and harness it to achieve new levels of creativity, effectiveness and success. All consulting services are custom tailored to address the specific needs of your organization. Contact us for a free consultation to identify which service will be of the most benefit to you.


The definition of facilitate is to make easier. Facilitation services can be utilized in any meeting to help participants stay focused, address difficult issues in a constructive manner, ensure that everyone is heard, generate a multitude of creative ideas, and establish accountability for action. Most people want to minimize the time they spend in meetings. Facilitation enables groups to achieve high quality results in less time, through a level of participation that generates long-term commitment.

Teaming for Success

Most teams are capable of performing at much higher levels than they have become accustomed to. The secret to unlocking their unrealized potential often lies with the team members themselves. The Teaming for Success process involves tapping those individuals via data gathering interviews to identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.

Questions are asked around the topics of mission, vision, goals, level of excitement within the team, work processes, information sharing, reinforcement, leadership, and customers. Data is then summarized into the main emerging themes.Feedback is first reviewed with the leader, who takes the opportunity to identify potential development areas for him/herself and prepares for the team feedback and action planning session.

During the team session, feedback is reviewed with the team in the first part of the eight hour session. In the remainder of the session, the team collectively identifies their most significant opportunities and creates a plan for taking their performance to a new level. In addition, one-on-one coaching is available to the leader to help address areas identified by the team (see Executive Coaching and Follow-up Coaching.) This process can be expanded to address multiple departments, divisions or an entire organization.

New Leader Assimilation

Since leaders, by definition, are those who inspire others to be and perform at their best, the first challenge of a new leader is to establish strong, trusting relationships through which a true partnership can take root. This workshop facilitates the rapid development of a shared understanding and knowledge between a leader and his/her staff via two way communications.

The three to four hour process facilitates the exploration of mutual expectations, concerns, unanswered questions about the leader’s background or vision, upcoming challenges for the organization/department, and ideas for action. After the session, leaders can schedule a follow-up, or potentially begin an ongoing coaching process (see Executive Coaching and Follow-Up Coaching.)

Customized Services

Consulting time can be dedicated to creating custom tailored initiatives to address emerging needs of your organization or to help anchor the success of projects already in progress.

Strategic Planning

Achieving and sustaining high levels of success in an organization requires that the intentions and actions of its members be aligned with the emerging needs of those it serves and that the challenges of its internal and external environment have been anticipated and addressed. During this workshop, participants work together to create a one to five year strategic plan for their organization/department.

Day one of the process involves clarifying and aligning values, confirming the mission and creating a compelling vision, identifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT), and determining strategic business thrusts and related initiatives necessary to carry out the vision and mission. Day two is dedicated to creating an implementation plan, complete with accountabilities, time frames and measures as well as establishing a process for monitoring progress.