All workshops are currently held in the Phoenix, Arizona metro area. Contact us for dates and locations. If you would like to arrange or customize a workshop or key note presentation for your business or organization, contact us.

Communicating with Style (DISC Behavioral Style Workshop)

Ever wonder why it seems so much easier to communicate, work with, influence, or sell to some people and not others? Treating others they way you’d like to be treated works great when they have the same style you do. But when those you interact with prefer different ways of doing things, this approach falls short. The key to establishing strong partnerships with coworkers, peers, subordinates, bosses, customers, and anyone else you might deal with is in understanding and appreciating their unique styles and leveraging your differences to work together.

The four-hour DISC assessment-based workshop allows you to do just that. This workshop is widely used in teams to improve working relationships, and can also be utilized by professionals in any line of work to assist them in establishing and maintaining strong connections with those they wish to influence. Also available is a day-long train-the-trainer workshop as well as licensing of the workshop, which includes unlimited use of the power point presentation and permission to reproduce facilitator and participant materials for one year.

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Transformations in Leadership Workshop

Looking for a better way to influence lasting change and increased performance in your team, organization or community? Extraordinary accomplishments and contributions are not the product of the latest innovative approach, tool, or method. They come from the inside out. Leaders must be able to effectively lead themselves before they will have any amount of success in doing the same for others. This two-day workshop allows participants to differentiate their true source of strength as leaders from erroneous ideas of what they need to do to be successful.

Along the way, participants learn to utilize a process for identifying and addressing underlying assumptions that have kept them from doing their best work. They learn to recognize and harness the power of their thoughts and intentions to create lasting change and apply this knowledge to addressing real business challenges they currently face. Additionally, participants address the obstacles that keep them from carving out the time necessary to maximize their energy, make effective decisions, and accomplish more with less effort.

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Breathing Life Back Into Work

If you believe there’s got to be more to work than earning a paycheck, you’re right. Over time the passion, inspiration and energy that led us to embark on our chosen careers may dwindle. Disappointments, frustrations and anxiety can lead us to hold back, go through the motions and see work as a grind. Our organizations and everyone who comes into contact with them suffer as well as morale plummets, productivity dips and opportunities for innovation, strengthened customer relationships and increased profitability are overlooked.

This workshop will help you and others in your organization to reconnect with the source of their greatest satisfaction and ignite a spark that will allow them to unearth their greatest work while inspiring others to do the same. While this workshop is suitable for professionals at any level, it is particularly powerful for leaders, whose attitude and actions set the tone for everyone in their organizations. It can be delivered as a two hour, four hour or eight hour workshop (a longer length allows for increased interaction, participation and creative application of principles and concepts.)

Navigating Through Change, Challenge and Uncertainty

Ever notice that once you get comfortable, life has a way of shaking things up? Many of us like change when we are initiating it ourselves, but it’s often not so pleasant when it is thrust upon us. After experiencing obstacle after obstacle, we are likely to feel discouraged, frustrated and overwhelmed. This workshop will help you to reframe the way you look at change, challenge and uncertainty so that you can make the most of any situation and allow it to bring out your very best in a way that inspires others to do the same. It can be delivered as a two hour, four hour or eight hour workshop (a longer length allows for increased interaction, participation and creative application of principles and concepts.)

Seven Secrets of Extraordinary Leaders

Ever wonder what differentiates GREAT leaders from good ones? Leadership is not reserved for people who hold fancy titles or have lots of people reporting to them – it is a talent anyone can exercise to bring out the best in themselves and everyone around them. This workshop will give you insight into how best leaders address their most significant leadership challenges and opportunities to achieve and sustain lasting results for, with and through others.

You will learn seven powerful principles for leveraging the underlying dynamics that have the potential to skyrocket your success as a leader or keep you from fully achieving it. It can be delivered as a two hour, four hour or eight hour workshop (a longer length allows for increased interaction, participation and creative application of principles and concepts.)

Strategic Planning

Achieving and sustaining high levels of success in an organization requires that the intentions and actions of its members be aligned with the emerging needs of those it serves and that the challenges of its internal and external environment have been anticipated and addressed. During this workshop, participants work together to create a one to five year strategic plan for their organization/department.

Day one of the process involves clarifying and aligning values, confirming the mission and creating a compelling vision, identifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT), and determining strategic business thrusts and related initiatives necessary to carry out the vision and mission. Day two is dedicated to creating an implementation plan, complete with accountabilities, time frames and measures as well as establishing a process for monitoring progress.

Relationships Redefined

Ever find yourself wishing you just didn’t have to work with certain people? This workshop will give you concrete tools for improving the effectiveness of significant working relationships by:

  • Transforming the ways in which you think about and perceive others, yourself, and the experiences you find yourself in, and
  • Aligning your behavior with desired results. The workshop is interactive, providing you an opportunity to directly apply concepts and tools to your own difficult relationships and emerge with a new approach for relating to people who are critical to your success.

The Paradox of Productivity

Do you find yourself running around trying to get everything done and feeling like you just aren’t getting any traction? This workshop will help you understand why doing more doesn’t always result in achieving more and to give you some ideas and tools to help master the art of balance to powerfully impact performance. Objectives include:

  • Identifying the hidden pitfalls in people’s most common approaches to getting things done,
  • Learning to reframe your biggest, most daunting challenges in ways that set you up for success,
  • Reviewing powerful strategies for effectively and efficiently approaching, organizing and completing your work,
  • Identifying simple methods for increasing your energy, clarity and focus, and
  • Working through assumptions that keep you from getting more done with less effort.

Now We’re Talking

Are your conversations moving you forward or backward? If you dread talking to people about sensitive or highly charged issues, you aren’t alone. This workshop will help you minimize the obstacles that get in the way of honest, open communication. Objectives include:

  • Recognizing the most common pitfalls to effective communication,
  • Identifying and working through assumptions that are keeping you from communicating effectively,
  • Applying a three step process for reframing a communication challenge you are currently faced with, and
  • Practicing two simple approaches to communication that will sidestep the majority of pitfalls most people fall into.