How to de-Grinchify your holidays (and your life)

Every December my family and I watch The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. It’s fun to villainize him – the insensitive jerk who figures if he can’t be happy, no one else should either. He steals their Christmas presents, their trees, stockings and decorations – even their food. And then he is baffled that even without all their “stuff” Christmas still comes. As he watches

How to Find that Peaceful, Easy Feeling (even amidst stress, overwhelm and uncertainty)

  Recently, I had the opportunity to sit with a relative who was having an echo cardiogram – which is essentially an ultrasound of the heart.  It was an awe-inspiring experience. We’re obviously all familiar with the fact that we have hearts.  And that they beat.  And that without them, we wouldn’t be alive. But

Do You Suffer the Curse of Competence? How to Keep it from Stealing Your Success.

Many of us are on the verge of entering new, unchartered territory. Some are having to do that by necessity, as a result of changing circumstances.  Others are recognizing – and answering – the call to step out and try something we’ve never done before. Either way, it isn’t easy.  Especially if you are accustomed

What Can Pinocchio Teach You About Navigating Change and Unleashing Your Genius?

  As I’ve written in recent posts, change is coming at us right now both from the outside in and the inside out. And change is naturally somewhat disconcerting. But it can also be liberating and empowering – if you use it as a doorway to rediscover you who really are at your core –

5 Phases of Transformation – and How to Navigate Them

  We’re all working through our share of change – change that comes to us from the outside in. But there’s another kind of change that happens from the inside out. And that feels a little different. It usually comes on gradually – so gradually you may not even notice it at first. In the

3 Tips for Surviving and Thriving in Change

Change seems to be the only constant these days.  You can’t always stop it from happening.  And it may not be something you have a lot of control over. But there are things you can do to take away the sting of it – and even make the changes coming at you work in your

How to Find Peace in The Midst of Chaos (and why your future self will thank you)

If you stir muddy water, it will become murky and dark. But if you allow the water to settle, the debris will eventually sink and you’ll be able to see more clearly. The same is true of each of us. There’s a lot to be stirred up about right now.  And perhaps that’s why it’s

Three Tips for Leading Through Uncertainty

  In the midst of change, challenge and uncertainty as massive as what are collectively facing, every one of us is being called upon to exercise a very important kind of leadership.  Whether you are at the helm of an organization, a team, a community or a family, people are likely looking to you for strength

How to Contain the Spread of… FEAR (even amidst a pandemic)

To say we are living in a time of great challenge and uncertainty would be a major understatement. There’s no dispute that we’re currently facing a virus over which we have very little control. But there is another contagion being propagated that we have every ability to contain.  And that is FEAR.   Fear does funny

Could there be order in your chaos?

Like many, I was brought up to think that things happened in a linear way – first this, then that; one building block upon another in a specific order; cause and effect.  I have since realized that the process of focusing on a larger vision or desire often triggers a chain of seemingly disjointed events