Busyness Is Not Good Business

  Ever feel like you’re running harder than ever but not really getting anywhere? If the road you’re on won’t get you to your desired destination, moving faster won’t do you any favors. When you put more importance on the tactics than you do on your vision/goal – and cling to a plan without continually

Performance Management Doesn’t Have to Be Painful

Do you dread doing performance appraisals? (…or any kind of performance management?) If so, you’re not alone. It’s rarely an experience people look forward to – whether on the receiving, or the giving end. But it doesn’t have to be. It’s true that many performance appraisal systems don’t do much to motivate and inspire even

When Life Throws You Curve Balls… Use Them to Improve Your Game

Have you experienced a lot of change and/or challenge recently? The last several weeks/months ushered in a series of unfortunate events in my life that had me reeling a bit.  But I learned a few things in the process that helped me get through it all and bounce back stronger. Thought I’d share that in

How to Keep Your Dream Alive (despite doubt, hesitation and other obstacles)

  Do you have a vision you aspire to make real? No matter what the day/week/month brings… hold strong and continue to breathe life into it. And don’t let your doubt or hesitation steal its fire. As children, most of us received mixed messages. You may have been encouraged to follow your heart and give

Maximize the Possibility of the New Year (and minimize potential pitfalls)

  The beginning of each year invites us to consider how we can dig deeper, reach higher, and unleash more potential in ourselves and those we lead.  It begs the question… How can you maximize the possibility of the New Year… while working through the change, challenge, and uncertainty it brings? Making the most of

How to Brave the Discomfort of Growth… and Make 2024 Your Year

  Happy New Year!  It’s a time for new beginnings and new chapters – one that invites us to think bigger and grow larger. Can you remember the last time you did something that was out of your comfort zone? It’s something most of us don’t do all that often, because going beyond that which

The One Gift Everyone Needs Most (and No One Gets Enough Of)

  Regardless of your holiday budget, there’s a gift you can share that transcends all others and won’t cost you a thing. One could argue it’s the one thing that no one gets enough of and everyone needs the most… It’s the gift of presence, a state that allows us to truly bring out the best

It’s Not What You Do – It’s the Way that You Do It…

  Ahh December.  Twinkle lights on trees and rooftops, the smell of wood burning in fireplaces, a refreshing chill in the air…  and of course, a whole slew of things to do that can tip the scales for people who were already feeling overwhelmed with work (and maybe even life itself). How You Do Things

How an Attitude of Gratitude Can Transform Your Work – and Your Life

  Though Thanksgiving is behind us, taking an attitude of gratitude into our everyday lives pays great dividends – both personally and professionally.  Gratitude allows us to see beyond life’s little (and big) trials and tribulations to find openings where we previously only saw obstacles.  It allows us to move past annoyance and irritation to

What if You Could Transform Conflict Into Collaboration?

  We’ve all been there – something happens that pushes your buttons, and frustration begins to seep in.  You might tell yourself a story about why the other person is acting in ways that seem intentionally insensitive or disrespectful.  And that story will likely put fuel on your fire.  Worse yet, believing your story could