Executive Coaching


The mark of a truly successful executive is an unwavering commitment to excellence. Extraordinary leaders know that before they can improve the world around them, they must first start with themselves. Courses, workshops and literature can provide assistance to this end, but all too often professionals find themselves returning to their offices drawn right back into the very habits, patterns and ways of doing things they were seeking to rise above.

Executive coaching is an ongoing, custom-tailored leadership development process that allows individuals to achieve higher performance and satisfaction by becoming focused on their goals and taking steps to create alignment with their desired results.

The process allows leaders to identify and overcome limiting assumptions and patterns and take steps to address challenges and opportunities as they emerge. As a result, clients gain a heightened self awareness that allows them to build better relationships, gain greater influence, make better decisions, increase creativity, communicate more effectively, and achieve longer lasting, more significant results with less effort.

The process consists of two one-hour meetings each month, and can be greatly enhanced with the use of Performance Assessments and 360 Degree Feedback. Six and twelve month packages are available, and all services are fully customizable.

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Follow-up Coaching Sessions

Research has shown that the success of training and development efforts is greatly enhanced through follow-up coaching. Follow-up coaching helps participants take the steps necessary to apply what they have learned and overcome any obstacles they may encounter along the way, and differs from Executive Coaching in that it involves only one to three 50-minute meetings, rather than a series of regular meetings over a sustained period of time.