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The Pinocchio Principle -Becoming A Real Leader

The Pinocchio Principle was written as a roadmap to help each of us bring to fruition our greatest dreams and visions and better navigate through the perils and possibilities along the way. It is dedicated to allowing each of us to play a bigger, more significant and meaningful part in the world by unearthing our own leadership in ways that bring about a greater good – and showing others how to rise through our own example.

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DISC Behavioral Style Assessment

This on-line assessment instrument provides clients with an in-depth report designed to help them become more aware of their own behavioral style, as well as to learn methods for working more effectively with people who have different behavioral styles. With this new found awareness and appreciation, individuals can improve their relationships and influence with colleagues, customers, bosses, and direct reports, as well as significantly improve levels of teamwork in their organizations.

Workplace Motivators

This on-line assessment allows clients to understand and appreciate the attitudes that drive their actions, as well as the attitudes of others and how they differ. With this knowledge, individuals will immediately be able to understand the causes of conflict, as well as heighten their awareness of the kind of work that will bring the greatest satisfaction and ultimately the highest level of motivation to succeed. When paired with the DISC Behavioral Style Assessment, the Workplace Motivators Assessment gives people an in-depth understanding of not only why they do the things they do, but how those values get expressed through their behavior.

360 Degree Feedback

This process allows leaders to gain a better understanding of how they are perceived by others, including their boss, peers, customers, and direct reports. Six to eight one-on-one interviews are conducted to gather feedback around the client’s areas of strength and opportunity and data is consolidated in a feedback report that captures the most prevalent themes. These services can be complemented and enhanced with ongoing Executive Coaching, or one to three follow-up coaching sessions.