Success Stories

Martin’s Story

Working with Diane has really broadened my horizon. It made me realize that I could do more, that I could do whatever I wanted to do. I don’t know if I could have done it on my own without working with Diane. It’s been very transformational for me.

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Brian’s Story

Things for my practice have been phenomenal since I started coaching with Diane. But it’s not just about the financial portion of it. It’s about the harmony in your life that comes with it. It’s about learning about yourself and finding the right path for yourself.

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Max’s Story

Working with Diane has helped make me a better business owner, father and husband. Every time I meet with her, I learn something about myself, about my business. I recommend people work with Diane when you’re ready to make a change. She’ll get you to where you want to be.

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David’s Story

Most of us have been trapped in to one way of thinking or looking at things. Exploring the other parts of you that are more profound is something that Diane brings to the table and distinguishes her from other coaches. If you’re not getting the real meaning out of your career, then I would enthusiastically recommend working with Diane.

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Nicole’s Story

Working with Diane was life-changing. The struggles I was going through on an every day basis, I couldn’t talk to anybody in my corporate world, or even some of my friends and family. But I was on the phone with Diane every week and that was such a huge relief. She wasn’t just a coach. She was someone who believed in me.

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Marty’s Story

The work we have done together has allowed me not only to be more focused and balanced, but also to become aware of the things I do that either contribute to my success or prevent me from getting the results I aspire to.

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Michelle’s Story

As a result of working with her, I have taken career risks and proposed new scope for myself versus waiting for the next plum assignment to open up. I feel more in control of the developmental direction I’m taking and it is a lot more FUN.

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Brian’s Story

While working with Diane, I have changed my management style, my communication delivery, and my behavior. The past several months have been eye-opening for me and I have a renewed passion for improving myself not just to become a better manager but also to simply become a better person.

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Paul’s Story

The progress that Diane helped me cultivate manifests itself at work, at home and in my life. As an aside, I have also had the fortune and pleasure of working with Diane as an Organization Development consultant in both my department and with the larger company and believe she demonstrates formidable skills in this area as well.

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Robin’s Story

She has enlightened me and the work we do is a gift that has impacted all facets of my life. I would encourage anyone who would like to experience less stress and more success to enlist Diane as a partner in the process.

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Tim’s Story

Her open and honest feedback was the best performance review I ever got. It got a little embarrassing at times because she was always right but I learned to live with it (: I’m happier, healthier, and find my life and career more rewarding and less stressful.

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Words from Other Clients

  • The concept of leadership coaching can be abstract and challenging to quantify in value but what I came to realize clearly, through Diane’s coaching style and methods, is that it forms a foundational basis that creates the necessary link between our work, personal and private life’s. The common denominator is in appreciating and understanding, in tangible ways, the powerful impact of behavior, outlook and motivation in our approach to what we do. The seams that can exist between the three life’s we lead is bridged without the unintended consequences of interference or overlap. Life changing insights and leanings transfer seamlessly from one to the other and we learn to maximize our potential in each . Another important realization is that the coaching experience is a time of necessary reflection away from the distraction of our busy life’s and the real magic occurs when we lead ourselves to an understanding and clarity of vision of the possibilities that we can create for ourselves. This is what Diane achieves in a masterful way." - John Healy

  • “As the Chief Academic Officer for Scottsdale Healthcare I was not quite sure what to expect from Diane Bolden’s Transformations in Leadership program. What I discovered was that “transformation” can truly occur in only 2 days! Diane helped me overcome my own “cognitive blindness” (not knowing what I don’t know) by freeing me from the self imposed barriers I had so cleverly and unknowingly constructed for my self! I highly recommend this workshop as an absolutely “must do” for all leaders! You will become personally engaged in a transformational process focused on who you are as a leader–then who you can become! - Michael Foley

  • “Our software team has an ambitious goal. We’re transforming computing around the world, across multiple devices and operating systems. Your coaching is helping us improve our results, teamwork, and innovation: very important, and much appreciated!” - Alan Crouch

  • “The (Transformations in Leadership) workshop is nothing shy of excellent – an incredible opportunity to unravel yourself and resolve personal and professional issues that you might not even know you have, and a launching pad for the rest of your life.” - Doug King

  • “What a workshop! Great for the emerging leader as well as the established leader. It goes to the core of leadership to expose its true essence and origin. This is a very rare experience that no serious leader should miss.” - Rick Wright

  • "I had the amazing opportunity to work with Diane over the last few years as an executive coach. Diane is amazingly insightful coach and can help anyone that is committed to achieving their full potential break through barriers that may be holding them back. I highly recommend Diane." -Robert Ferreira

  • "Thought I'd drop you a quick note since I owe some of this success to your fantastic coaching over the years... As of July 1, I am being promoted to Director. Thank you for the important part you have played in making me a better leader! - Scott Bordenkircher

  • Our discussions were invaluable in getting me to reflect more on my inner voice & wisdom for key decisions. Based on my results oriented personality, this was an area that I previously did not find time to consult. The result has been the ability to look at difficult situations and key decisions in a different light that brings about decisiveness and satisfaction. I also appreciated your tips for my career development, where I should view my skills and current issues as future opportunities for roles that are not necessarily created at the moment (create your own role)." - Sandra Edmonds