Pinocchio Principle

Pinocchio Principle

The Pinocchio Principle by Diane Bolden


Do you ever feel constrained by something that keeps you from being all that you TRULY are?


Perhaps you are in a culture that seems to reign you in, a situation you feel you cannot rise above, or uncertainty that keeps you from your greatest work. In any case, breaking free requires that you transcend many of your beliefs about who you should be to become who you really are. As you face your fears, give life to your visions and dreams, and courageously take on the challenge of being real, you will exercise true leadership in your own life and that of others — regardless of your vocation, title or role.


The Pinocchio Principle is a roadmap to help you navigate the perils and possibilities of your personal odyssey. Using Pinocchio as a metaphor, it blends wisdom, inspiration and humor and includes numerous stories and examples of personal and professional transformation as well as practical tips and tools that will help you become a true leader to others – in the only way possible: by starting with yourself.

A portion of the proceeds from The Pinocchio Principle goes to the Center for Humane Living, a remarkable organization whose vision is to inspire all people to live peaceful and compassionate lives while implementing a fully humanitarian agenda.

  • ”Diane Bolden has revealed the secret to life’s success, utilizing a simple yet powerful analogy that leads us away from an ego-driven life to one that uncovers our true, underlying authentic self. She helps us discover the courage to uncover the person we really are inside and act with that intent. It is this authenticity that leads us to a life of fulfillment both as leaders and human beings. This is an extraordinary and thought- provoking book that will make you a better leader and person. A great read!” Michael R. Foley, M.D., Chairman and Program Director, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center and Professor–University of Arizona College of Medicine

  • ”Finally, a book that gives me permission to think the way I do, instead of trying to influence me to think differently! Incredibly insightful with cleverly written anecdotes, analogies and lessons that gave me a deeper understanding of personal leadership. An inspirational book that educated, entertained and enlightened me!”- Sherri Thomas, author of Career Smart – 5 Steps to a Powerful Personal Brand and author of The Bounce Back – personal stories of bouncing back higher and faster afterward a layoff, re-org or career setback

  • ”This book is a must read for leaders, managers and anyone who wants to bring out their best and the best in others. Heartfelt, wise and powerfully written, The Pinocchio Principlespeaks to the deep yearning within us to be free of limitations and live from our greatest potential. Using a simple, universally known story, Bolden leads her readers on a voyage of self discovery and through her own transparency invites us to explore and examine closely what truly brings meaning and purpose to our lives. I couldn’t put it down!” - Victoria Crawford , Founder of Way of Discovery; coach and author of The Art & Practice of Trust; Finding Your Way through Uncertainty, Change and Transition