Communicating With Style

The DISC Behavioral Style Workshop


“If SHE would just think a little more before moving from zero to sixty on every idea she gets, maybe one of them would actually succeed.”

“If HE would just stop nitpicking every little thing, we could finally get something done around here.”

Sound familiar? Each of these coworkers needs the other, but when they judge each other and allow their differences to become frustrating, they are missing out on opportunities they could otherwise seize together. Without understanding, behavioral style differences become irritating, divisive and unproductive — especially when people create stories that become personal.

But with an awareness and an appreciation of the strengths and weaknesses of their own style and that of others, people can partner with each other in ways that allow them to do more together than they could independently. And they can discuss what they need from each other in a way that is objective and constructive, instead of charged and explosive — or worse, never addressed at all.

The DISC Behavioral Style Workshop builds on an online assessment that takes participants ten to fifteen minutes to complete prior to the workshop. Immediately upon completion, each participant receives a comprehensive twenty plus page personalized report. The four hour workshop allows team members an opportunity to learn to understand and leverage the nuances of each of their styles and a chance to dialogue about what they need from each other and how they can best work together. Dynamics that were once irritating and too sensitive to address become amusing and enlightening, and team members gain a language they can use to work out their differences long after the workshop ends.

Here’s what participants will gain from the workshop:
• Increased understanding of self and others
• Enhanced relationships with coworkers, customers, bosses and direct reports
• Improved teamwork
• Increased productivity
• Better, faster conflict resolution (and prevention)
• Strengthened communication skills and increased influence