Paul’s Story

“From the beginning, Diane’s coaching approach was to bring what I needed from where it already was – inside me. With this she blended a strong ability to know when I needed a bit of a shove and when I needed an ear or a heart. She also blended a fairly open free style approach (which is the only thing that would have worked with me) with, when appropriate, a more formalized focus to maintain movement toward agreed upon goals and objectives. I have always been a venturesome supporter of continuing growth, and clearly I saw my relationship with Diane as an opportunity to make quantum moves. To say I am satisfied would be a gross understatement.

Very directly, Diane has helped me to: adopt different communication styles when called for; avoid avoidance; manifest what I could see or envision; deal with tough personnel issues while at the same time being honest and compassionate; forge relationships where formerly there was historical baggage and confrontation; delegate; develop the people around me; connect learnings to both work and non-work and see them both benefit; have the courage to be honest; the strength to do away with a lot of fear; stretch my styles and body of knowledge; be a more credible and called for voice at the corporate table; and be rewarded and compensated fairly for what I do.

To reiterate, the progress that Diane helped me cultivate manifests itself at work, at home and in my life. As an aside, I have also had the fortune and pleasure of working with Diane as an Organization Development consultant in both my department and with the larger company and believe she demonstrates formidable skills in this area as well. I have watched and participated in some pretty tough groups that Diane took through visioning, planning, mission, strategy, tactics, and implementation with excellent results.”
– Paul Reynolds

Director of Communications, Fortune 500 Company