John Healy Testimonial

The concept of leadership coaching can be abstract and challenging to quantify in value but what I came to realize clearly, through Diane’s coaching style and methods, is that it forms a foundational basis that creates the necessary link between our work, personal and private life’s. The common denominator is in appreciating and understanding, in tangible ways, the powerful impact of behavior, outlook and motivation in our approach to what we do. The seams that can exist between the three life’s we lead is bridged without the unintended consequences of interference or overlap. Life changing insights and leanings transfer seamlessly from one to the other and we learn to maximize our potential in each . Another important realization is that the coaching experience is a time of necessary reflection away from the distraction of our busy life’s and the real magic occurs when we lead ourselves to an understanding and clarity of vision of the possibilities that we can create for ourselves. This is what Diane achieves in a masterful way." - John Healy