Welcome, WNET members and guests!


I’m delighted to offer you a special complimentary gift to help you integrate the learnings from WNET’s recent Navigating Change, Challenge & Uncertainty webinar into your daily life.

There is no merit to training, draining and ditching, and no such thing as one and done when it comes to learning.  Learning isn’t about absorbing information.  It’s about integrating it.  Because words don’t teach – life experiences teach.

The learning must go from your head to your heart and from your heart to your body.  Information reflected upon becomes insight.  And insight acted upon leads to transformation.

It’s not an easy thing to do, but this will be a tremendous help for you…

Click below to receive a four-week Insight to Action series that will:

  • Overview common problems you may encounter related to navigating change, challenge & uncertainty.
  • Explore a key tool each week that will allow you to address these problems.
  • Provide concrete examples of how the tools and concepts can be used.
  • Challenge you to practice applying tools and concepts to your own emerging challenges and opportunities, so you can deepen your insights and translate them into action that helps you leverage possibilities and sidestep pitfalls.
  • Allow you to submit questions to be reviewed in the one-hour Q & A session scheduled for Tuesday 5/13/20 at 1pm EST. (This session will be recorded to ensure you’ll benefit from it even if you cannot attend).

This series will help you apply what you’ve learned to begin creating powerful habits that allow you to be more conscious, intentional and agile in your work and your life.  And that’ll translate into greater resilience, higher performance, stronger relationships, and enduring satisfaction and fulfillment.

You’ll also continue to receive timely articles and updates from me, with actionable tips for being your best self at work (and beyond).

I look forward to having the opportunity to serve you.

Here’s to your success!


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