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Busting Out of the Box

in a boxAre you on the verge of something big?   Contemplating a change?  Or in the midst of one?  Ready to light it up and blow the lid off what you’ve previously been able to do — and lead others to do the same?

If so, chances are good that you have encountered RESISTANCE.  It might feel like you keep hitting walls or even like the walls are closing in on you.  Those walls are part of a box surrounding you that keeps you from your greatest work.

But with a lot of willingness and a little help, YOU CAN BUST THROUGH IT!

If you are a business professional in a formal or informal leadership position that is ready to bust through your box and lead others do the same, check out my new program, Busting Out of the Box.  It combines three of the most powerful learning formats that I know of and that my clients have told me they’ve benefitted most from, and it will be custom tailored to fit the unique needs of each small group of five to eight people who participate…

  1. Personalized One on One Coaching Kickoff
  2. Interactive Five Hour Small Group Workshop (to be held in the Phoenix area)
  3. Four Ongoing 90 Minute Group Mastermind Sessions
  4. Follow up Individualized, Personalized Coaching


For more information, go to www.BustingOutoftheBox.com.  For dates, times and locations, call (602) 889-2329.


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