Busting Out

The above video is a simulation of a life that many (including myself) have led at one time or another.  Trapped.  Inhibited.  Frustrated.  Suffocating.  But there is a way out.  And each one of us will find it eventually — when we’re ready, willing and have had enough self-imposed anguish.

I believe it will make all the difference in the world.

Here’s what I said in the video…

Wow – I see some amazing possibilities. So many ideas! Oh my gosh. That problem they were talking about – I know how it can be solved. But, what if people laugh at me? Hmmm, and who am I? Who am I to say that and come up with that idea. How can I pull it off?

Man in a boxI’ve seen people go out on a limb before and never come back.  I don’t want to be one of them. I can be safe in here though.

But there’s just so much that can be done. If we could just have a meeting and talk about the real issue. If I could just say what I need to say instead of rehashing stuff that we keep meeting about that has no relevance at all!

But what if I make somebody mad? What if I upset my boss? That wouldn’t be good. I think I’ll just stay in here.

It’s getting kind of cramped in this box though.  All these ideas – I just keep them in here. I’m running out of room.  I’m having trouble breathing.  In fact, it’s getting pretty tight in here.

I’ve got to bust out. It couldn’t possibly be worse out there than it is in here. It couldn’t possibly be worse out there than it is in here.

I don’t need this box anymore.


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Man in a box image from Dreamstime by Christopher Hall.

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