Bridging the Gap Between No More and Not Yet

The above video is about a recent meeting I had with a client who is at his own crossroads and an answer that came through the meeting that I believe has relevance to anyone who finds themselves in a similar place.   Over the last few weeks it has become increasingly clear that I want to support more people who are ready to answer the call to take things up a notch and choose something bigger for themselves, their teams and organizations.

I have decided to take on seven additional leadership coaching clients.  If you are ready to get serious about moving forward, I invite you to call me at (602) 889-2329 for a complimentary thirty minute coaching session that will allow both of us to determine whether working together would be a good fit.  I have been told that I should charge for these sessions and at some point I may.  But for now, they are available at no cost.

Stay tuned for info on an intensive program I’m getting ready to launch that will integrate a small group workshop experience with private coaching and a group mastermind.  Or, give me a call and I’ll tell you about it myself.

Here’s what I said in the video:

I had a meeting with a client the other day that made a really big impact on me because he is in a place I find myself in.  And I think a lot of us are in it.  It’s what I call Limbo Land.  Limbo Land is the place you get to where everything you’ve done up until now worked beautifully.  You could think yourself through any situation.  You’ve mastered your craft.  Maybe you’ve had a lot of education or training, and several promotions and by all appearances seem to have arrived.  And yet nothing is working. Things are falling apart.

And the more you do what you’ve always done, not only the less effective you are, but the less happy and satisfied you are.  It is a point of pain that causes you to want more.   And what causes even more pain — I saw it in my client and I see it in myself — is wanting to move forward using everything that got you where you are and realizing that it is not working anymore.

rope_bridge - LB
Photo by Sean Kearney

So, the question is, how do you get from here to wherever it is you are supposed to go next?  And the frustrating thing about that is that when you are in Limbo Land is that you have NO IDEA where you are supposed to go next.  You just know that it is somewhere different than where you are now.  And it is beckoning.

Now, that’s the exciting part about it:  there’s something that is beckoning.  And when you get out of the fear, you can start to feel the exhilaration of it, which is where my client started to go yesterday.  I found myself getting really excited for him – and really excited for myself.  Because what’s just around the corner, I think, is going to blow our minds.  We just can’t figure out how to get there.

SO, in the absence of the answers, what I’m beginning to understand and rely on is that we can go do desire.   The desire is about what we want.  What do we want to move toward?

I’m finding that what excites me about moving forward is not doing things for myself anymore.  Because everything I did up to a certain point was about getting ME successful, to get ME well known, to propel MYSELF.  And it’s not enough anymore.  I want to do something that is going to help other people in some way.  I have no idea what that’s going to be.  And that’s exactly where my client is too.  It’s scary as hell.  But you know, if I can just stay in the place of what would it feel like to get there, that might be enough to help me overcome my fear, and to power on and to do something I never realized I could do.  

How about you?

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