Taking Your Leap, Part I

Jumping man_bigstock__18659447This week’s post is the first of a two part article on listening to and answering your call to greatness. It is also an excerpt from my new book, The Pinocchio Principle: Becoming the Leader You Were Born to Be. If you are ready to take your leap, I invite you to call me at (602) 889-2329 for a complimentary coaching session to see how I can support you through your transformation. Stay tuned to hear more about a new program I am getting ready to roll out specifically designed to help you bust through the barriers that keep you from your greatest work.


Taking Your Leap, Part I

Goldfish_bigstock_10744157The call to something bigger is often ushered in by a period of discomfort, where one slowly begins to realize that the outer world does not match the inner one. We may begin to feel a sort of incongruence accompanied by increasing awareness of our current course of events and what it is all for. A greater purpose looms in the background, but the way things are set up doesn’t quite allow that vision to live. And so it is time for a change.

Some call this an awakening. Others call it a crisis. It is a doorway to greater meaning and contribution, and the beginning of a transformation that happens from the inside out.

Many of us have spent a great deal of our lives trying to live up to what we believe others expect of us. When what others want for us is consistent with what we want for ourselves, this approach is satisfying. Often though, we begin to become aware of the ways in which this approach may no longer serve us.

People, events, or behaviors that used to give us pleasure no longer seem to be enough. Sometimes they become downright anxiety producing. We may begin to question what it is all for. In these times of despair and doubt, if we pay attention to our anxiety and move into it (rather than away from it), we can begin to ascertain the messages it brings to us. When we are destined for something bigger than what we are currently experiencing, the old must lose its appeal before we will make the bold move into something new.

question markIf this is happening to you, do not be disheartened. Simply cultivate awareness and begin to ask yourself the kinds of questions that will empower you to know what you must do next. Questions such as, “What can I do right now to make the most of this situation?” or “How can I reframe what I am seeing so that I get the bigger picture?” can be very illuminating, as they allow us to focus on answers that are often right in front of us.

Don’t be afraid of the answers.  You don’t necessarily have to quit your job, change your career or reinvent your whole life to usher in what you are on the brink of.  But you will need to begin to see it all a little differently and begin to give heed to inklings, urges and what you may think are just crazy ideas that keep coming to you again and again.

Pay attention to the recurrent dreams and visions you find yourself engaging in. What is it that you have always wanted to do, but for one reason or another have never acted on? Perhaps now is the time to take some small steps to give those ideas life.

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