Beyond Boundaries

The above video is about a riddle my young son told me a long time ago that I think about whenever I find myself longing to venture beyond my limitations to explore fresh, new opportunities and unchartered territory. I wonder if he realizes just how much that little story has inspired me. I hope it does the same for you.


Here’s what I said in the video:


keysOne day my son came home with a riddle. He said “Mom, pretend like you’re in a box.” So, I said “okay”, and proceeded to envision walls all around me. Then he challenged, “How do you get out?”

I said, “Well, I punch through it.”

He rolled his eyes and said “No.”

So I guessed again. “I know! I get a box cutter and I slice through the box.”

He took a deep sigh and repeated, “NO.”

And I said “Well, how about if I chew through it?”

He could no longer contain his frustration with me. “Ugh. MOM!

So I shrugged my shoulders and said, “Okay, how do I do it?”  To which he simply replied,

“You just stop pretending!”

We all have our pretend boxes, don’t we.

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