Can You Take a Compliment?

Thumbs upDo you remember the last time someone gave you praise?  Did you let their compliment land?  Or did you feel the need to deflect it?  This week’s video post was motivated by an observation I had about my own behavior and a surprising insight that came when I stopped to really think about it.

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Here’s what I said in the video:

I don’t deserve that. What’s this?  This is SO not true. Oh, this isn’t for me – this is for her. What are you giving me this for?  I don’t want that!  I don’t deserve that.

You think I’m good?   I’ll give you ten reasons why I’m not.

Do you have trouble taking a compliment? A lot of us do. You know, we were brought up to thinking that it’s not good to toot your own horn and that you shouldn’t draw attention to yourself. But the thing we don’t realize is that when we don’t take people’s compliments, we’re basically telling them that their opinions don’t matter. Telling them that what they think has little, if any, impact on us and that we really don’t care what they think.  Most of us would hate to tell anybody that.

So, the next time someone gives you a compliment, realize, it’s a gift.

 Good things are always coming your way.  Are you willing to receive them?

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4 thoughts on “Can You Take a Compliment?”

  1. Good Morning Diane!
    I don’t receive compliments well. There are many reasons why. I really don’t know how to appropriately respond to a compliment.
    I hope you are doing well1

  2. Hi Tom,

    Thanks so much for your comment. I used to feel that way too, and sometimes still do. Maybe a subject for another blog post… I hope you are doing well also. Take care.

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