Simple Solutions for Getting Out of A Funk

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a lousy place, just not sure how to pull yourself back up?  When we get that way, often times we tend to focus on things that will just bring us further down – evidence that supports why we have good reason to feel lousy.  But every once in awhile, we open our eyes to find simple gifts that have the power to snap us out of it and bring us back to a better place.  This week’s video is about my experience with a dear friend, who did just that for me many years ago – in a way that I will never forget.




Here’s what I said in the video…


There was a time in college I remember coming home just so down – in a really bad place. I had just taken an exam and I was sure I just totally blew it. And I think I was behind on several papers… and the guy I had a crush on didn’t even know I was alive… and I just felt terrible!

I came back and my roommate was there and I thought “oh this is great – I have somebody to unload on”. So I just pounced.

“Oh listen to what happened to me today, and then I did this, etc., etc., etc.” And I was just in my thing.

My roommate turned around – and I wasn’t sure what she was doing, so I just kept talking at her. And she turned around [with a hanger wrapped around her head and a perfectly serious face] and just said “oh yeah, I’m sure that was really hard, yeah…”.

To this day, when I get all hung up in my stuff, I think back to my little hanger head roommate and I realize that when we think everything is falling apart and nothing’s going to get better, there’s always something somewhere that will make us smile – and sometimes it’s just right in front of us.

Make the most of what is right in front of you.

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