Centered in Conflict

  When was the last time someone caught you off guard with a piece of feedback or a message that felt like an attack?  How did you respond? If it took you by surprise, chances are for a moment you may have lost your balance, moving  either away from the bearer of the message, or

How to Bounce Back from a Bad Day

Ever feel like you are running like hell, but not getting anywhere? Sometimes despite our best efforts, things go awry. Unforeseen circumstances can do a real number on us, people may not always do what we want them to, and sometimes the rug just gets pulled out from under you.  But you don’t need to

The Masterpiece in the Marble: 3 Steps to Unearth Your Best Work

  We’ve all been to a lot of classes – whether on leadership or related subjects – where we sit passively and listen to someone teach us things from a workbook or a power point presentation. Some of these classes infuse us with new ideas and inspirations, and others do not. Either way, the chief

How You Can Use Frustration To Improve Your Effectiveness

  “I’m so tired of feeling unorganized and scattered all the time.” A client told me in a recent meeting. He added, “I come into the office and there are papers flung all over my desk, half started projects buried in piles with new requests heaped on top of them. But I never seem to

How to Get What You Really Want

  “What do you really want?” I ask my clients and myself this question. We answer: I want things to go my way. I want to come out on top. I more wins and fewer losses. I want my problems to disappear. I want to be profitable. I want to be successful. I want to

How to Up Level Your Game by Upgrading Your Internal Programming

  Imagine that software you’ve relied on for years stops working for you. You notice that it has been freezing up a lot. At first, it didn’t really bother you. But now these little glitches are happening so often that you’re having trouble getting things done. When you look into the problem, you find you

Feel Like You’re Spinning Your Wheels? How to Get Unstuck

  Have you ever had a really hard time getting something done? Something big? When you are up against a large task or project, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the details and the magnitude of what is before you. Sometimes it hard to know where to start, and once you do it can feel

3 Steps for Escaping the Hamster Wheel to Create Freedom & Flow

  Do you find yourself running from one thing to the next with little time to really think about what you are doing and why? If you answered yes, you are not alone. Many high achieving professionals feel as though they have way more to do than they have time to do it. Their ambition,

Living the Dream

NOTE FROM DIANE… Last week I did a Facebook Live video on how to overcome the three biggest obstacles to achieving your intentions, visions and goals.  The below article elaborates on some of the points I made in that video.  If you haven’t had a chance to see the Facebook Live, I encourage you to

Let Go and Lead

  One day I had the opportunity to listen to Marshall Goldsmith, one of America’s finest executive coaches speak.  Though the man has a number of incredibly insightful things to say on any given moment, one thing he said that day made an impact on me that I still feel years later.  The audience was